Ulrike Dietmann – 25 years of experience in technical training

For more than 25 years, the world of technology is my home and I did not regret a single day that I, being a women, choose this profession. My technical understanding, many years of experience with new technologies and my ability to explain complex technical contexts are the reasons why I enjoy my work.

Immediately after passing my higher school certification at my home town Kitzbühel, it was clear to me, that my curiosity about the world, other cultures and ways of living would lead me to travel the world. After a first stop in the united states I got the possibility to prove my talent as a trainer in the IT area. From windows training for the public official 2000 to AutoCAD training courses, every type was there. Creating my own business, my clientele came from smaller and medium size enterprises in the international environment. As a project manager and trainer for electronic access systems I had the possibility to travel within Europe but also to Asia, Africa and America, experiencing different ways of working, practising, teaching and learning in different cultures. Meeting and getting to know people through teaching them as system administrator, back office and frontline staff allowed to experience through personal encounters.

I discovered that one of the core topics for successful and effective knowledge transfer is, how positive relations within the group attending a training course and towards the trainer can be established. It seems that within soft skill training courses it is given, that the trainer is professional and social skilled, efficient learning methods are used and that the participants are supported as good as possible in understanding the content but also being enabled to use the newly learned skills.

Technical product related training courses seem to be different.

The need to offer such training courses is absolutely clear. The how and where seems to be not so important. Based on my experience as a product trainer I tried to change these assumptions. A good technician will not be automatically a good trainer. For me it is important to dedicate my training courses to the topic „how to offer quality product training“. I am using a different approach when it comes to relation management, variety of methods and planning product training courses and my success proves itself. Furthermore I support the development of technical trainer, as I want to pass on experience and knowledge. That brought me to planning and holding a train the trainer for technical trainer concept, the base of my available offers.

The different way of knowledge transfer using simple methods makes the difference between the standard offers for Train-the-Trainer courses and my concept. My offer is focusing on the joint development of actions that are required and are making sense. Supporting my customer in recognising own resources and developing their own concept is my passion. My role will be to be the wind underneath the participants wings, they are already able to fly anyway.

  • 25 years of experience in technical training
  • Uptodate through constant education
  • Working as a technical trainer
  • Loyality and confidentiality guaranteed