Let’s take the next step to improve your training standards with and for your technicians!

Knowledge transfer through training courses means effort. Effort to plan, organise, hold and at the end evaluate the training course. If knowledge transfer to your customers is seen as an unpleasant task I am the wrong person to consider. I am absolutely positive about seeing training courses as unique selling points internally as well as externally, allowing to create sellable products to extend your service offerings.

Your technicians and service engineers are experts in their subject area, ever so often, it is assumed, that transferring their knowledge to customers, workmates and other users is perfectly normal for them. Doing that is not that easy for them, their main task is to solve technical problems first of all and not knowledge transfer.

A good technician will not be automatically a good trainer. Supporting them in becoming one is the base of the DU training model, created by me.

  • Evaluation of existing training plans and training structure
  • Clarification of needs from technicians and customers
  • Conducting Train-the-Trainer for technical trainer
  • Joint development of customer oriented training program
  • Coaching and support during the implementation phase
  • Feedback and evaluation