Qualify your trainer and your training courses!

Just recently I had the doubtful pleasure in attending a classical technical training course. The trainer, an excellent technician, did his best. He, the expert, demonstrated on screen, used his technical language and ended the training half a day earlier because everything was mentioned. Me as the participant, I was overstrained within half hour, just not being able to follow what he did. I never had the chance to articulate my needs, issues and expectations. I tried to follow as good as possible, but never was there where I was expected to be.

This experience clearly indicates that a big potential in improving technical training courses exists. The classical training course concept often places the product first, the relation between trainer and audience is missed out. The underlaying approach that the trainer is the Expert, knows it all and acts accordingly should be of the past.

As in so many areas of our daily live, the relationship between us humans, a good and supportive learning environment, clear structures and fun will allow successful learning. From learning “by listening” to “learning by doing” (experiencing instead of hearing about it), using authentic and various training methods  and allowing variety and questions. The DU training model, created by me, starts exactly there.

  • “Learning by doing” instead of “learning by listening” (experiencing instead of hearing about it)
  • Authentic methods for the trainer
  • A trainer is allowed to show weaknesses, questions do not have to be always answered immediately
  • Personal growth instead of frustration
  • Self organisation creates more time for the training preparation
  • Fun instead of boredom for trainer and participants
  • Change in attitude: training courses are the highlight instead of time consuming obligations